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Spicy Italian


Nutritional Value Information

Serving Size (g) 225
Energy (kcal) 347
Protein(g) 22.2
Total Fat (g) 8.9
Saturated Fat (g) 2.9
Trans. Fat (g) 0.0
Cholesterol (mg) 32
Carbohydrates (g) 44.1
Dietary Fiber (g) 4.1
Sugars (g) 4.0
Sodium (mg) 840


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Spice up your life with some real flavor. Served on freshly baked bread and toasted to perfection, the Spicy Italian sandwich features spicy pepperoni and delicious slices of salami. For a more personalized taste, add fresh peppers, oil, vinegar or anything else to suit your liking.

Ini dia menu yang buat hidup mu semakin berwarna! Spicy Italian terdiri dari pepperoni dan irisan salami yang di sajikan dengan roti segar yang baru dipanggang setiap hari. Tambahkan juga pelengkap lainnya sesuai selera mu.

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