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Is Red Meat a Red Flag? – Dr.dr. Luciana Sutanto, MS, SpGK

Red Meat’s actual nutrient value (high in vitamins, iron, and protein)

Red meat is often mentioned when we discuss about food or culinary. However, in the field of dietetics or clinical nutrition, it is not really defined. The term red meat in dictionaries states that red meat is meat that has a red colour, for example beef, lamb, mutton, and horse meat. Red meat gives a red color because it contains myoglobin, which is a protein with a round structure that stores oxygen and is rich of iron.

Myth of Red Meat causing cholesterol

Does eating red meat cause an increase in blood cholesterol levels? Meat and all food sources of animal protein contain cholesterol-type fats. Our bodies produce cholesterol to meet our basic health needs, which is made from fats and cholesterol we consume. Diet recommendations based on balanced nutrition guidelines state that the consumption of 2-3 servings of side dishes a day is sufficient for daily intake, this avoids health problems such as increased blood cholesterol levels.

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