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How To Eat Within the Healthy Calorie Range During Fasting – Dr. dr. Luciana Sutanto, MS, SpGK.

Average Calorie Count per day

Ramadan is coming soon. People who are celebrating  will refrain from eating, drinking, and other activities.  Some people hope by fasting, apart from worshiping, they will also stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight.

Actually, during fasting, our calorie needs to remain the same, the only change is the eating schedule.  The calorie needs of healthy adults, according to the Indonesian recommended dietary allowance 2019 is 2500 calories for men and 2000 calories for women, but the exact calorie is depending on the person height, weight, muscle mass, and physical activity.

A good meal plan when implementing fasting is starting with  room temperature drinks and eat sweet snacks which are useful for replacing body fluids and easily increasing blood glucose levels. Afterward, or usually after praying, we can follow by eating the main course which consists of staple food, vegetables, side dishes and fruit, to provide us complete nutrient.

In the evening, to fulfill nutrition intake, we can eat evening dessert.  Sleeping immediately after eating is not recommended, to avoid reflux in people with GERD.

Suhoor is an eating activity that must be done, to supply energy and nutrition before a whole day activities. Ideally, the Suhoor menu must contain complete nutrient, which consists of staple food, vegetables, side dishes and fruit.

With a healthy balance diet, hopefully we will stay healthy during Ramadan and be ready to celebrate Eid.

Meal plan:

Time Menu 2000 calories Menu 2500 calories
Breakfasting 3 dates 5 dates
Main course Steak and cheese sandwich & fruit Steak and cheese sandwich & fruit
Evening dessert Green bean drink Green bean drink
Suhoor wake up Warm tea with sugar Warm tea with sugar
Main course Vegetable fried rice with eggs & fruit Vegetable fried rice with eggs & sausage & fruit





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